The Challenger Programme was set up by Northside Partnership in 1995. It provides structured supports for students and their parents from 6th class to 6th year to help students:

  • Transfer from 6th class into secondary school 
  • Prepare for their Junior Certificate 
  • Complete their Leaving Certificate

Every year we provide support to a total of 200 students from our five partner schools. As students complete their secondary education we are able to offer 40 new students a place on the programme each year. Challenger parents are offered a further education programme together with the supports provided to their children.


News & Events

Education Fair - come on down!

Join us today for our education fair at Parnell's GAA!


Challenger Continues to Thrive!

The graduates of the 2016 - 2017 Challenger Programme should be so proud of themselves! We have had such a fun and productive year together - with...