The first years of a child’s life are a very important time for their growth and development. The experiences that they have in the home, in childcare and in education during this time can improve their ability to do well in school, to get work, to have good relationships and to stay in good health in the future.
We believe that investing in children and families today makes sense - for our children and for our communities. Doing the right things early is better for children but can also save the State money by reducing early school leaving, anti-social behaviour and unemployment in the future. This is why:
  • We offer supports to help families with parenting
  • We support childcare providers in our area to provide the highest standards of care
  • We help families to find high quality childcare
  • We work with schools and all other agencies working with children and families to make sure that children and families receive high quality, joined-up services and supports
Our supports for children and families include the programmes and services listed below:

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