The Communiversities programme offers adults the chance to do a free university level 7 course through their local library - without the need to do exams or projects.

The programme is run by NUI Maynooth, Northside Partnership and Dublin City Council Library Service to offer adults the chance to try education at this level without the pressures associated with assessments. It also makes third level education more accessible by removing barriers such as transport or cost which can make it difficult for people to attend university.

Communiversities began as a pilot in 2012 when NUI Maynooth worked in partnership with local libraries, Northside Partnership and Kildare LEADER Partnership to deliver the programme in their areas. 49 people took part in the original pilot in Dublin and Kildare. To read more about the pilot evaluation, please click here.

Communiversities is now a very popular annual programme with high demand for the places on the course each year in our area. In 2016, 28 people took part in the Communiversities programme with 23 of the graduates completing the course.

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