Each year all parents and children in 6th class in our partner schools are invited to attend an information evening on the programme. At this session, we explain how it will help your child and discuss your role in the programme. This usually takes place in October each year.

If you attend the information evening you and your child will be invited for an interview with two people who are members of the Challenger committee. 

Children are offered a place on the programme based on:

  • How your child is performing in school (shown by the Micra (English) and Sigma (Maths) test results)
  • Your child’s school attendance
  • How you and your child have presented at interview

We will write to you to let you know if you are being offered a place or not. If your child is not offered a place they will be put on a reserve list. In the event that a child does not take up a place or one becomes available on the programme you may be invited to participate.