Participants commit to either a Gold or Silver promise for a four week period:

  • Silver: promise to limit smoking to just one area of the home and never in front of children
  • Gold: promise to make your home and car totally smoke-free

Step by step Smoke Free Homes Challenge:

  1. Click here to sign up and pick your promise level and start date
  2. You will receive a Smoke Free Home Pack and Registration Form
  3. A member of our Stop Smoking team will visit you in your home to get you started
  4. You will receive a weekly check-in phone call and motivational text messages during the 4-week challenge
  5. You may receive a random home inspection during the 4-week challenge
  6. After four weeks, you will receive a final visit from our team who will do a carbon monoxide check on the air in your home. 
  7. Those who successfully complete the challenge will receive a Smoke Free Home Certificate and will be entered into the monthly prize draw