When you contact your local office we will give you an appointment to meet with a person called a Registrar. At this meeting we will help you to choose and make contact with services that will be most helpful to you in your search for work. 

Employment Guidance:

When you choose Employment Guidance an appointment will be made for you to meet an Employment Guidance Officer. They will give you one to one support, help you to write your curriculum vitae (CV), plan your career path, access training and provide you with ongoing support.

Jobs Club:

When you choose a Jobs Club you can get one to one or group support.  The Jobs Club will help you with your motivation, CV preparation, interview techniques and communication skills. You will also be given access to resources to help with your job search including use of telephones, newspapers, computers and postage.

Other Services:

If you choose to start your own business we can refer you to one of our Enterprise Officers. Or, if you choose to return to education we can refer you to our Education and Career Guidance Service.